Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Every morning, the rush to reach work on time seems to be a blur. There is always one chore or the other that has to be sacrificed if you have to catch the bus on time. It is only a natural side effect of the fast-paced lives of us millennials.

I have to keep reminding this to myself every time I catch a glimpse of my precious succulent that has been on the verge of death for a couple of weeks. “Tomorrow, promise!”, I remind myself while I switch off the lights on my way out.

I have been raised in a financially-conscious family. Even though there was never the dearth of resources, since my childhood, it has been ingrained in me that I must strive to save every bit of power that I can. This is how I have kept on with the habit of curbing hefty electricity bills!

  1. Comparing prices – There are a lot of independent websites that can compare the relative expenses of electricity, gas and solar power from all available energy retailers, depending upon your requirements.
  1. Draw the blinds – Shutting of the doors and keeping the curtains closed are a great way of beating heat-waves without spending the extra money for expensive air conditioning systems.
  1. Remember to switch off – For a person like me, who tends to spend about 70 % of my day outdoors, switching off the lights, fan and AC saves up a large portion of my bill! Why pay for it when you aren’t there the use it?
  1. Efficient cooking – I prefer to defrost the frozen food items in the refrigerator before cooking. This helps lower the energy consumed by other cooking appliances. Likewise, cooking with the lids on and using the dishwasher only when it is full helps a lot too.
  1. Switch to LEDs – Replace halogen bulbs with LED powered lighting since they are comparatively more durable and consume very less power to provide a much better lighting.
  1. Mark the Off-Peak hours – Off-Peak hours include early mornings and late night when power load is low and electrical retailers tend to charge less for the energy consumed. Generally, I tend to wait until after 6 pm to cook, or even to do laundry.
  1. Steady temperature – I tend to set my thermostat 2 degrees lower in the winter and 2 degrees higher in the summer. This actually helps to cut down the bill as it lessens the load on the thermostat, and thereby, the power consumed.
  1. Clean your AC – Well-maintained and clean air conditioning systems not only are a basic requirement of hygiene but also tend to work more efficiently and consume less power.
  1. Air dry – Air drying clothes and dishes cut down the usage of the dryer in your dish washers and washing machines. Additionally, I tend to give my hair dryer a bit of rest on those lazy weekends when I have no plans.
  1. Smart buying – I prefer to invest in computer peripherals like a scanner, printer that go into sleep mode automatically, or turn off when it isn’t being used. This, of course, ensures less power consumption even on the days when I’m too exhausted to actually get off the bed and turn these off (which is like, most days – call me lazy Ryan)