Solar vs. Wind Energy: Which is Better?

Life on earth would not be the same without energy.

Till even a decade back, we mostly banked on non-renewable resources to give us the required amount of energy for all purposes. When it was discovered that they are fast reaching the point of absolute depletion, the whole world began to panic as to what the future might hold.

Environmentalists began to experiment with a variety of alternative sources of energy. They tried to use renewable resources to create energy which would be as efficient as the energy generated from non-renewable resources.

Standing in 2018, one can say that solar energy, hydro energy and wind energy have gained a lot of popularity in both urban and rural areas.

Solar power and wind-generated power are more easily available. If you are looking to switch to an alternative source of energy, the chances are that you cannot decide which to go for.

Both these forms come with their own set of benefits, and preference varies among people.

Wind energy:

Wind energy is generated with the help of turbines which convert mechanical energy into electricity. The turbines are usually located high above the ground level so that the wind flow is not blocked by anything else.

Since the generation of wind energy does not depend on any limited external power, it can work twenty-four hours a day. Some people prefer wind energy over solar energy because it can be produced only during when the sun is up.

To create wind energy, on the other hand, the turbines need to be exposed to heavy and steady wind streams.

Wind energy is generally preferred by large factories and corporations who have the means to raise a wind farm. Since the turbines have moving parts, they are likely to wear out and need good maintenance. In return, they provide more energy. If you have a large area where you need power, then you can go with the wind!

Solar energy:

It is generally agreed that suburban homes are better off with solar energy systems. Not only is it easier to maintain but also they are lower maintenance because they have no moving parts which would need frequent check-ups.

Solar energy is limited by time but is reliable in the sense that one can be assured of the Sun shining for a certain period every day. Wind flow, on the other hand, may not be equally effective on all days. With a solar energy system, you do not need to worry a lot about monitoring because it gives a predictable energy output.

If you live in an area where the wind is rather slow and a turbine would stand out too much, then solar energy will be your best friend.

Solar energy system installations are quick and can be protected from damages caused by lightning and high wind. In fact, if you follow the basic principles of care, you wouldn’t have to worry about maintained as well.


Both wind and solar energy will fulfill your purpose and help you make a mark in making the Earth a better place. However, your preference between them will depend on your geographical location and circumstances.