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Welcome to Europe’s first website dedicated to electricity disclosure. This site intends to stimulate the debate regarding a power content (i.e., electricity disclosure) label for European electricity products. In a liberalised market (full EU electricity liberalisation expected in 2006), consumers need access to information in order to make informed decisions regarding the electricity products they buy. At present electricity is not a well disclosed product. Few consumers are aware of the ‘ingredients’ in their electricity supply, nor the environmental implications these ingredients can have.

To this end our project, Consumer Choice and Carbon Consciousness for Electricity (4C Electricity), is working towards the development of an electricity disclosure label for the European liberalised electricity market. We need your help in this endeavour. Further information on the aims, activities and progress of the project can be found throughout this site.

Your views on electricity labels

An important part of the project is finding out the views of consumers and other stakeholders regarding electricity disclosure. Please visit the Your views section for the opportunity to make your comments and participate in the online survey. As the project progresses we will present different label options we have developed through interaction with stakeholders, for you to vote on. In the meantime, we present disclosure labels used in other parts of the world for you to get an understanding of what information a disclosure label conveys. Below is the label from California and the proposed Swiss label.

See Electricity disclosure for more information on these labels and on the topic in general.

California Switzerland


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